Grease Trap Cleaning

Grease trap cleaning in Shreveport

Everyone knows that oil and water don't mix. Oil and water themselves, however, have no clue that they're not supposed to hang out together. That's why we have grease traps. If your residential or commercial grease trap is in need of a cleaning, you don't have to tackle the job yourself. Call Enviro-Vac in Shreveport, and we'll tackle it for you!
Grease trap installation and cleaning services

We'll bring you up to speed

If you're considering the purchase of a restaurant, especially one in an older building, it's imperative that you determine whether or not you have a grease trap, and if you don't, get one installed. Enviro-Vac can help! Call us for grease trap installation and cleaning in Louisiana, Texas or Arkansas. 
Grease trap cleaning in Shreveport

There's FOG in the forecast

We're not talking about the kind of fog that makes your neighborhood look zombie-apocalypse ready. We're talking about Fats, Oils and Greases. Left unchecked, this FOG will gum up your plumbing and make your kitchen smell horrible. Call Enviro-Vac today and schedule a regular grease trap cleaning in Louisiana, Texas or Arkansas. 

Dietary hazards  

Fried chicken, etouffee and hush puppies, oh my! In this part of the country, most of our favorite foods involve deep frying, and that can be murder on grease traps, especially at restaurants. Let Enviro-Vac ensure that your eatery is in full compliance with state, local and federal regulations for grease trap cleaning so you can say bon appetit with confidence.
Grease trap on the fritz? Call today!
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